In The Fog

Standing in a thick fog.
​Feeling uncertain where to turn.
​Knowing there is something scary in the fog with you.
But not being able to move
​out of the fog.

Chemo was my fog.
I was in the fog for three months.
They call is chemo brain.
You don’t feel bad
​just not right.

Chemo every three weeks.
As soon as I would begin to see the fog lift
More chemo
​more fog.

In the fog
​you feel out of sorts.
In the fog
​you feel almost drunk.
​not that falling down drunk.
​that disoriented drunk, right after tipsy.
In the fog
​you just exist.
​waiting for it to lift.
​knowing it will return.
In the fog
​you can be sheltered from painful memories.
In the fog
​you feel the love and prayers pouring into you.
​you don’t remember the words.
In the fog
​there is a sick, kind of calm.
This is fear’s home.

January 2007


One thought on “In The Fog

  1. Wow…just wow. I love that in this horrible kind of purgatory your divine light shines through allowing you to still feel love and prayers. I think you give all those going through such atrocities hope. Much love my friend.

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