Daddy’s Warrior Princess

My daddy always called me princess. I never wanted to be a warrior. My dad was a warrior, my brothers were warriors, my sister married a warrior and my ex-husband was a warrior. But…I became a warrior. Daddy’s princess does not get cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2006.

That diagnosis changed my life.

I am the firstborn of 6 children. My father was a military man. He was a General in the Army National Guard. He was a full-time guardsman so we were different from the regular army but I was still an Army Brat. I married the army at age 23. My ex-husband was a regular army officer and an airborne ranger. The military was my way of life for most of my life.

I am a mother of two children. Grace is 24 years old. She is beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and strong. Davis is 19 years old. He is handsome, talented, loving and protective.

I am a yogi. I began teaching and working in the fitness industry at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii in 1987. Yoga was not a path I chose to follow. It was chosen for me. I was working as the Fitness Director and fitness instructor at a gym in Lubbock, Texas when we decided to add yoga onto the schedule. I went to get my training to teach yoga. Yoga helped me to find who I am. Yoga was there for me at times when most of my strength was gone.

I am a learner. I love to learn. I got married when I was a senior in college and went back to school as an adult. I finished my bachelor’s degree and completed a master’s degree in business (MBE) and a graduate certificate in creative writing.

I am a writer. It took me many years to consider myself a writer but I write so I must be a writer.

There are many pieces that make up who I am.

Daddy’s princess does not get cancer.

But I did.

On this blog I will share my story.


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